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About Teri and David

If you're visiting our website for the first time, welcome!

We are Teri Murakami and husband David. We have a love of, and care deeply for, beautiful and creative photography with substance.

At this point we could say we have a passion for photography, a passion for photography would not tell even half the story of how much or why photography matters to us. Each time we pick up a camera we are looking not for a snapshot of a person smiling for the camera, but something completely different (actually we have never and will never ask anyone to 'smile for the camera!'). Most of what we look to do is bring quality and creativity to an image, to create something beautiful with it's own sense of integrity.

A good example of why we feel photography is so important is difficult to put in words. Next time you visit with parents or older relatives ask to look back through the family album or the old images they've kept from their youth, you will love how their faces light up as each photograph sparks their recollections. Photographs are not just pieces of paper in a bound book, they are keys that unlock our memories. Their most important function of all, to recall special times with those who most touch our lives.

If you ever have the chance, peek inside a leather bound Victorian or Edwardian photograph album. Really look at the images, there is so much of a story in every single one. That is huge testament to the photographer who didn't just have a passion but also the skill and expertise to create images important enough to last a century.

Thank you for looking in our little shop window, it's just a very small selection of what is possible. One of the coolest things about photography (and weddings!) is the realm of the possible is limited only by your imagination and your photographers skill to help make that happen.

Contact us, especially if this is not your first visit to our website! Too many times, a chance encounter with a newly married couple, who truely loves our photography, waited to enquire only to find we were already booked for their wedding date. Let's make sure that doesn't happen so often!

If it's possible we are the photographers for you do contact us. We love meeting couples that share with us their excitement for their wedding plans and it's great way for you to find out more about us as people and as photographers.

T&D Xx


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